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Graduate school in geomatics will arrange a post-graduate course in deformation measurements
Venue: Helsinki University of Technology, Main building, Lecture Hall E
The course is arranged in two parts: tutorial and student seminar.

Program 25.-26.11.2004 and 29.-30.11.2004

Tutorial:  25.-26.11.2004, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Prof. Dr.-Ing.  Olaf Hellwich
Technische Universität  Berlin
Fachgebiet Computer Vision and Remote Sensing


Doz. Dr. Aleksey Sharov
Joanneum Research Graz
Institute of Digital Image Processing

Tutorial: 29.-30.11.2004, Geodesy

Prof. Hilmar Ingensand
ETH The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich
Institut of Geodesy and Photogrammetry

Post-graduate seminar
3rd of March 2005.

The topics of the student presentions will be given during the tutorial. The students can also suggest their own topic. The post-graduate seminar day(s) is/are started with a lecture given by a Finnish expert(s) and the day will continue with the presentations given by the students. During the seminar days there will be an opportunity to discuss and to get feedback from the experts.

The aim is to collect the lecture material onto CD.

In addition to the post-graduate students in Geomatics the course can be attended by the students from other departments of HUT or other Universities who can utilize the participation in their own post-graduate studies.

Study weeks in HUT

- tutorial 1.0 study weeks,
- participation into the student seminar and own presentation 3rd of March, 1.0 study week,
- publication 2.0 study weeks.

The preliminary program and the registration form. You can also registrate by using this link.

Responsible for the content of the post-graduate course are Professor Henrik Haggrén (Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) and Professor Martin Vermeer (Geodesy) and for the practical arrangemets Dr. Jaakko Santala (docent in Geodesy)

Further information:

Professor Henrik Haggrén, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Tel.: +358-9-451 3900, e-mail:

Professor Martin Vermeer, Geodesy
Tel.: +358-9-451 3910, e-mail:

Docent Jaakko Santala, Geodesy
Tel.: +358-9-451 3914, e-mail: