Postgraduate Course: Geomodeling and -visualization 2007

Because of conflicting schedules of lecturers the postgraduate course is split in separate lecturing days. Lectures take place in class M1 (Department of Surveying, HUT).

24.9.2007 Lectures by Prof. Reiner Rummel

12.11.2007 (room M4) Lectures by Jafar Amiri Parian (ETH Zürich)

12.12.2007 9:00-16:00 (room M1) Lectures by Claus Brenner (University of Hannover)

Participation in the lectures and exercises will give 1.0 cr. Participation and own presentation in a student seminar give1.0 cr and writing a publication 2.0 cr. The postgraduate students are encouraged to suggest a relevant topic for their own presentation in a student seminar which will be organized in the spring 2008. The publication should be related to the topic of the course and can be based on the presentation in the student seminar.

Questions concerning the course can be sent to