Vision Raum - Aspekte der Stereoskopie
Neckarwerke Esslingen

(Henrik Haggrén, 3.2.2003)


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 Large-base stereo view of clouds. (Vision Raum, 1991; © Dieter Lorenz)

Springtail, Collembola. Stereoscopy by scanning electron micrography. (Vision Raum, 1991; © David Burder

Stereophotography of a relief (Christoph Herzog von Württemberg, Schlossplatz Stuttgart). When the parallax direction in an anaglyph presentation is transformed from correct to reverse by changing the color order, the relief will be transformed from positive to negative. However, the illusion of negative topography will restrict natural perceiving. (Vision Raum, 1991; © Guntram Gerst)

Henrik Haggrén