Visualization and 3D design
Study project
MA in New Media, 2001 - 2002
Media Lab UIAH

| Curriculum | Visualization and 3D design | 25227 Seminar | 25228 Course | 25229 Course work | Keywords |
(October 24, 2001)

Data acquisition strategies for visualization

3D data derived from drawings.

Old maps I.

Old maps II. ../../../../../kuvat/vanhat_kartat/Helsinki_30000_1897.jpg

Maps for topographic data acquisition and building of DTM's.

Aerial photography for stereophotogrammetric mapping.

Principle of stereophotogrammetric scene reconstruction from aerial imagery.

DTM interpreted and recorded from aerial photography. The instruments to be used for are stereo photogrammetric ones

Aerial imagery, left vertical, right low oblique.

 Panoramic image composition.

Spherical panoramic image composition.

Stereoscopic photography.

(Henrik Haggrén)