Visualization and 3D design
Study project
MA in New Media, 2001 - 2002
Media Lab UIAH

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(October 24, 2001)

Visualization and 3D design

  1. 25227 Dimensions of Visualization: Time, Experience, and Information
  2. 25228 3D Visualization in the World Wide Web
  3. 25229 Independent Research: Implementation of Strategies of Visualization




Coursework components

  • A seminar, a course, an independent production and research.
      1. 25227 Dimensions of Visualization: Time, Experience, and Information (1 credit seminar )

      2. Preliminary dates: Fri 26.10., 9.11. (10-16)
        This seminar has the following components:
        1. One-day seminar
        2. Independent research pursued by the student
        3. Half-day presentation
        Introductory session is a one-day seminar with presenters from all institutions involved. During this session, students will be introduced to key topics of relevance to the area of inquiry. At the end of the seminary the students will be provided with a list of keywords, and a set of resources, such as bibliographic sources, lists of URLÕs etc. These items will allow the students to pursue independent research with the objective to create a narrative. The narrativeÑ1.e. scenario-- should outline the conceptual basis for a project that the student is interested in pursuing. The narratives created by the students will be presented and discussed during a one-day workshop. This workshop will include instructors from all institutions involved.
        Outcome: Scenario and Narrative
        Upon completion of this stage, students will receive 1 credit. Projects that are considered interesting and creatively challenging will be selected for continuation into the next stages.
      1. 25228 Designing Visualization Artifacts (3 credit course)

      2. Preliminary dates: Fri 23.11, 30.11, 7.12, 11.1, 18.1, 25.1, 1.2. (10-13) This course has the following components:
        1. Lectures
        2. Tutoring/instruction
        3. Exercises
        4. Research
        During this course, selected students will be provided with lectures, tutoring, and instruction, with the objective of creating a full set of specifications (design plan) that would take the narrative produced by the student from a conceptual to a production level. Students will be required to produce a physical document/artifact and present this design plan in a public activity organized at the Lab.
        Outcome: Design Plan
      1. 25229 Implementation of Strategies of Visualization (4 Credits)

      2. This course is realized as independent production and research carried by the students. It consists of the following components
        1. Production and research
        2. Exhibition
        3. Dissemination
        During this phase, students will be provided with the necessary conditions to produce the concepts outlined in the narratives and design plans. A venue for the exhibition of the work created will be established.
        Outcome: Visualization Product


    Recommended textbooks (Initial list)

    Applications of the knowledge acquired in the course

    Initial list of key words

    Animation Augmented reality Boundaries Classification Computer graphics Cognition Information processing Measuring, science of (metrology) Memory Narrative Photogrammetry Photography Perception Presentation Reality Recorded image Representation Time: past - present Ð future Transformation Scale Senses, sensory perception Situatedness 3D data acquisition 3D visualization Units