Subsidiary Subject on Imaging Technology (20 sc)

Optional Courses (at least 15 sc)

Aut-75.126 Imaging Technology I (3 sc)
Aut-75.190 Colour Image Technology (2 sc)
Aut-75.127 Imaging Technology II (3 sc) Imaging Technology III (2-4 sc)
Maa-57.350 Fundamentals of Photo-interpretation and Remote Sensing (2,5 sc) [Prerequisites: Maa-57.300]
Maa-57.235 Fundamentals of Microwave Remote Sensing (2 sc)
Maa-57.300 Fundamentals of Photogrammetry (2 sc)
Maa-57.305 Digital Photogrammetry I (2,5 sc)
Tik-61.147 Digital Image Processing (2,5 sc)
Tik-61.131 Principles of Pattern Recognition (2,5 sc)
Tik-61.133 Computer Vision (2,5 sc) [Recommended prerequisites: Tik-61.131 ja Tik-61.147]
Tik-86.120 Computer Graphics (4 sc) [Prerequisites: Tik-76.122]

Excercising (5 sc)

The exercises should be done at the same professorate where the student has chosen at least 6 credits for his optional courses:

Aut-75.196 Exercises in Imaging Technolgy (5 sc)
Maa-57.355 Exercise in Imaging Technology (5 sc)
Tik-61.195 Exercise in Imaging Technology (5 sc)

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