Abstract of the master's thesis

Making VRML models from industrial buildings using laserscanner

Juha Heikkinen
Helsinki University of Technology
Department of Surveying

Professorship: Photogrammetry
Supervisor: Prof. Henrik Haggrén
Instructor: Mr. Jukka Mäkelä, M.Sc.
Date: 16.11.2000
Number of pages:

VRML is a format which describes 3D-objects and 3D-worlds. VRML has been designed for the use in Internet and other computer networks. It is a global format for 3D-graphics and multimedia purposes. It can be used in scientific visualisations, multimedia shows, teaching, making web-pages and making virtual reality worlds.

3D-designing softwares are common in plant designing. In as-built projects the problem is the lack of digital drawings or old not updated paper drawings. Also buildings may not be build as they are designed. The site has to be measured in order to get the present situation for designers needs. Using laserscanner it is possible to reach needed accuracy.

In this thesis the basic structures of VRML are described and making realistic VRML models using laserscanner are introduced. Also this thesis introduces what kind of laserscanner equipments are on markets and which of them suites for as-built projects on industrial sites. Also the accuracy of the method is concidered.

Keywords: VRML, Laserscanning

Language: Finnish