Abstract of the master's thesis

Digital Aerial Photography Production

Risto Ilves
Helsinki University of Technology
Department of Surveying

Professorship: Photogrammetry
Supervisor: Prof. Henrik Haggrén
Instructor: Mr. Antti Saarikoski, M.Sc.
Date: 16.4.1998
Number of pages: 79

A system for digital aerial photograph production in the National Land Survey of Finland is presented.

The components of the digital aerial photograph production system are: a photogrammetric scanner, an archive system for the digital photographs, network, workstations for the image processing and measurements and the image printing equipment.

Requirements for the production system are described. Comparisons between components offered are made and analyzed. Furthermore, the final hardware configuration and the sofware used are described.

Finally, possibilities for further use of digital aerial images and the influences of the production system on employees’ work tasks and training needs are discussed.

Keywords: Digital aerial images, scanning, archiving and printing.

Language: Finnish