Abstract of the master's thesis

Stereo Measurement of Panoramic Images

Milka Nuikka
Helsinki University of Technology
Department of Surveying
Professorship:  Photogrammetry
Supervisor: Prof. Henrik Haggrén, Helsinki University of Technology
Instructor:  M.Sc.  Tuija Pitkänen, Helsinki University of Technology
Date:  20.2.2002
Number of pages:  68

This thesis deals with measurement of panoramic images. An experimental work was done with three panoramic image pairs, which were oriented and measured in a digital stereo workstation.

Panoramic images were created from cocentric image sequences. The image sequences were combined together by projecting them on same surface by
a projective transformation. All the images were terrestrial images and they were taken with a digital camera.

The orientation and measurement of images were done with Intergraph’s ImageStation Digital Mensuration, -Stereo Display and -DTM Collection programs, which are originally designed for aerial images. All the image pairs were oriented to object coordinates first with relative and absolute orientation and then with exterior orientation. Because the imaging geometry of terrestrial images is so different compared to aerial images, calculation of relative orientation was quite difficult for two image pairs. There were no control points for two image pairs so they were oriented to object coordinates using terrain features, which were measured with tachymeter. Elevation models were also measured from these two image pairs.

Exterior orientation turned out to be more accurate than absolute orientation for all the image pairs. In the image pairs, which were oriented with tachymeter features, the widths of the photographed areas were about 350 m and 180 m and the accuracy of measured points was about 0.3 m after exterior orientation. In the image pair, which was oriented with control points, the width of the photographed area was about 12 m and accuracy of points about 0.02 m.

Keywords: panoramic image, orientation of images

Language: Finnish

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