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Quide map, Petra


Orthorectified image

The orthophoto and respective DEM. The KVR-1000 images used for this orthophoto date back to year 2000.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Georeference data

Image data
Camera: KVR-1000
Country: Jordan
Image kind: positive
Image type: 8-bit grayscale
Image file format: TIFF
Image file name: Kvr_UTM.TIF
Image file size: 51538233 bytes
Image area: 120.6 sq.km.
Number of columns: 7179
Number of rows: 7179
Pixel size: 1.532 meters
Image Corner Coordinates (Lat/Lon): UpperLeft: 30:21:35.680N 35:22:12.194E
Processing level: Orthorectified image
Ellipsoid: WGS-84
Projection: UTM
Zone number: 36
Map Coord. Units: meters
Map coords: UL: 3361049.59332 (Northings) 727788.8559 (Eastings)

Geometric terrain modelling

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