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Trench A

LOCATION: the southern edge of the complex
DIMENSIONS: ca. 4 x 6 m
INTERPRETATION: an eastern part of a large room of unknown function.

DESCRIPTION: this trench revealed the remains of a room which had undergone several poorly-defined remodellings. Two exposed doorways probably represent two separate periods of occupation there. The original floor of this space was removed in antiquity, down to the bedrock. Series of casual occupational phases are represented by hardened soil surfaces. A poorly built, late wall which runs N-S, was exposed in the eastern part of the trench. Massive stone tumbles, probably representing seismic destruction and/or natural decay of the structure, were documented in the upper strata of the trench.

FINDS: ceramics dated to the 4th-5th and most probably the 6th centuries A.D., coins, fragments of decorated marble furniture.

Text: Zbigniew T. Fiema