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Trench D

LOCATION: the northeastern corner of the complex
DIMENSIONS: ca 7.20 x 4.80 m
EXCAVATED: 1998, 1999
INTERPRETATION: one of the rooms of the northern court; probably associated with a pilgrims' hostel

DESCRIPTION: the excavated room is enclosed by four walls which display considerable differences in masonry, due to later remodellings. Two pilasters, built against the northern and southern wall respectively, carried a single N-S arch which spanned the area of the room supporting the roof. Originally, the room was paved with flagstones, already removed in antiquity. The occupation continued on the series of beaten sand and earth floors. At least two major occupation phases can be detected, marked by fireplaces and by the abundance of sherds and bones. The lower strata featured quantities of larger mammal bones while in the upper fish and chicken bones predominated.

FINDS: Nabataean ceramics (1st century A.D.), ceramics dated to the 4th-6th centuries A.D., Cu/Cu alloy spatulae and spoons.

Text: Zbigniew T. Fiema