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Trench E

Trench E

LOCATION: the eastern edge of the complex
DIMENSIONS: ca. 5.20 x 7 m
EXCAVATED: 1998, 1999
INTERPRETATION: the northern half of the apse of the church and the northern pastophorion

DESCRIPTION: the excavations uncovered well-preserved, multi-phased remains of the sanctuary of the monastic church. The two-tiered, step-like installation (synthronon) was built against the wall of the apse, with the centrally located throne. The floor inside the apse was originally paved with marble slabs. The northern pastophorion is a room spanned by a single N-S arch. The room probably served as a place for the preparation of the church's services. Remains of installations were found there which most probably belong to the later phases. These installations include a low, E-W partitioning wall, a stepped wall built against the main east wall of the church, which seemingly led to the interior of the apse, as well as small step-like additions which facilitated the communication at different levels. The soil deposits over the stone pavement preserved remains of late and limited occupation, including a fireplace.

FINDS: Nabataean ceramics (1st century A.D.), ceramics dated to the 4th-early 6th centuries A.D., possible Abbasid lamp, coins, fragments of decorated marble furniture.

Text: Zbigniew T. Fiema