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Trench P

LOCATION: the southwestern corner of the complex
DIMENSIONS: ca. 7.5 x 7 m
INTERPRETATION: probably, a structure serving a variety of functions, including food processing

DESCRIPTION: the excavations exposed walls forming an irregular rectangle of a room which experienced three major phases of occupation. During the second phase, the room was spanned by two NW-SE arches. The central part of the room was occupied by a round low platform built of irregular but flat stones, probably a space where grain was ground for flour. This is supported by a part of the basalt rotating grain mill (Pompeiian type) which was found there. After a temporary abandonment, a large, rectangular, stone, piled-up structure ("platform") was built against the northern wall and on top of the round platform. The function of this installation is unknown; it might have been a large, defensive or supportive buttress, or a platform of special purpose. Directly south of the southern wall, a part of well-stratified midden was found. It contained large quantities of fish scales and bones (primarily, Scaridae - parrot fish), often in the matrix of very ashy soil, and associated with sherds of cooking pots.

Text: Zbigniew T. Fiema