Principle of laser scanning. (Hyyppä, 2000)

Scanned forest profiles. (Samberg, 1999)

HighScan test area in Kalkkinen. Laser scanner data on flight altitude of 800 meter, data acquisition date 14.6.2000. DSM was calculated by using points detected by first and last pulses. (Kukko, 2001)

 DEM calculated by using points measured by last pulse detection. Flight altitude of  400 meter, data acquisition date 14.6.2000. (Kukko, 2001)

Panchromatic Ikonos, fall 2000. (Pyysalo, 2001)

All data sets. (Kukko, 2001)

DTHM presented in 3D on right.Digital tree height model DTHM, derived from dataset acquired in September 1998, resolution 0.5 m (middle). (Kukko, 2001)

Digital surface model, DSM, on aerial image. DSM has been generated by choosing every highest hit in a grid cell. (Kukko, 2001)

Segmentation of a forest stand (left). Raster overlay on aerial image (middle) and raster cells vectorized (right). (Kukko, 2001)

 Tree attributes derived from DTHM. From left: tree height, crown area, basal area and timber volume. Inproperly segmented trees were excluded from the edges. (Kukko, 2001)

Change in tree crowns between the laser data sets of 1998 and 2000. (Kukko, 2000)

Segmented tree models. (Pyysalo, 2000)

Panoramic image sequence of the test site. (Pöntinen, 2000)