Map of Mexico 1554

(Henrik Haggrén, 15.1.2002)

Presentation of the map


  • Index map
  • Scanning of the photography
  • Detailed viewing

  • Index map


    Scanning of the photography


    Original color diapositive covering one grid cell of size 20 cm x 25 cm. This example is digitized by 300 dpi and presented here approximately in half of the scale of the actual map.


    The same grid cell of 20 cm x 25 cm presented approximatively in the map scale.

    Detailed viewing


    Detail of the map. The photography allows enlarging of the images for zooming while viewing. The details here are presented by scaling the actual map by a factor of 1.25 (left) and 2.5 (on right).


    The same detail enlarged by a factor of 2.5 (left) to 5 (right). For the purpose of zooming the dipositive was digitized by 1200 dpi.

    Henrik Haggrén