Historical reproduction of ancient maps "1554 Map of México”

Henrik Haggrén, Milka Nuikka

The objectives of the project is to develop a concept and a tool for 3-D multiresolution visualization of the photomosaicks of digital artifacts for cultural heritage institutions (1554 Map of México).The digitizing concept is based on a photogrammetric concept in four modules: image acquisition, preprocessing, geometric analysis, and photometric mosaicking.

The project of creating a Digital Facsimile of one of the oldest extant maps of the ancient city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan started in 1996. The Digital Facsimile of the Map of Mexico is a product of research and development efforts at the University of Art and Design Helsinki/UIAH, Media Lab and Helsinki University of Technology/Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing who provided a methodology that allowed accurate photography, and the University of Uppsala Library who granted generous and unprecedented access to the artifact.