Photogrammetric applications of spherical imaging

Henrik Haggrén, Petteri Pöntinen, Petri Rönnholm, Jussi Heikkinen, Milka Nuikka, Hannu Hyyppä, Olli Jokinen

Spherical imaging is a technical approach of collecting scenery like viewing it through a single perspective. A typical realization of spherical imaging is a panoramic mosaic covering a part of the hemisphere. Method developed by Pöntinen and Haggrén is used to create spherical images based on projective constraints, thus avoiding the need of using e.g. theodolites for image acquisition. The obtained panoramic mosaic is consistent with an image taken with ultra-wide-angle objective and it can be used for photogrammetric application.

The goal of the study is 1) to create a central projection based (concentric) method to generate spherical image mosaics with rotating camera 2) to develop advanced semi-automatic and automatic algorithms and methods to measure 3-D objects from spherical images 3) to create an accurate method to build panoramic image pair and to visualize the view 4) to verify the accuracy of spherical images and image pairs 5) to define concepts and methods using spherical images for various applications

In co-operation with Finnish Geodetic Institute.