The research topics of our major interest include image analysis and pattern recognition, photogrammetric mapping, digital photogrammetry, interpretation and classification methods, automated measuring procedures, and system development for photogrammetric on-line control and for 3-D digitizing. Our laboratory is a research unit of remarkable national reputation and also internationally recognized from works on areas such as application of laser scanning of rural and urban environment, three-dimensional digitizing using video imagery, the use of projective transformations for analytical photogrammetry, networking of parallel processes for geometrical image analysis, and the use of neural networks in classification of image information.

Research Projects

Our focus research areas are:
Laser scanning
Panoramic techniques
Mobile mapping
Quality of photogrammetric and remote sensing data
Photogrammetric 3-D modeling
Photogrammetric measuring

The external funding for basic research is mainly coming from the Academy of Finland, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and from private foundations, and for applied research from the European Commission and the National Technology Agency (Tekes). A growing amount of application-oriented research has been recently funded by industry as part of post graduation.