The Photogrammetric Journal of Finland, Vol. 9, No. 2, 1984

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Laiho, A.: National Report of Finland 1980 - 1983 (Full text)
Hakkarainen, J.: Geometrical Stability of Aerial Cameras (Full text)
Heikkilä, J., Kilpelä, E.: Aerial Triangulation by Analytical Plotter (Full text)
Salmenperä, H.: A Multipurpose System for the Processing of Geometric Observations Adapted to Different Computer Installations (Full text)
Sarjakoski, T.: Efficient Methods for Selecting Additional Parameters of Block Adjustment (Full text)
Sarjakoski, T.: On Sparse Matrix Techniques for Computing Weight Coefficient Matrices (Full text)
Jaakkola, M., Noukka, P.: Cadastral Photomap, a Base for 1:5000 National Mapping in Finland (Full text)
Makkonen, K.: Modelling a Dynamic Geodata Base: Problems of Data Accuracy and Structure Conversions in Data Collection and Processing (Full text)
Ruotsalainen, R.: Experiences with Photograrrunetric Map Compilation as Part of a Digital Mapping System (Full text)
Haggrén, H.: New Vistas for Industrial Photogrammetry (Full text)
Jaakkola, J.: On the Accuracy of Non-Topographic Plotting (Full text)
Häme, T.: Interpretation of Deciduous Trees and Shrubs in Conifer Seedling Stands from Landsat Imagery (Full text)