Vol. 17, No. 1, 2000

Pulliainen, J.: Special Issue of 2000 National Convention on Remote Sensing in Finland  (Full text)


Butora, R., Rautiainen, K.: Two-dimensional Aperture Synthesis Radiometer for Soil Moisture and Sea Surface Salinity Measurements (Full text)

Vilenius, E., Nygrén, T., Lehtinen, M., Markkanen, M., Väänänen, A.: Ionospheric Tomography (Full text) (Note, this article is missing one figure page. Complete article was published in the year 2001 issue)

Widen, N.: A Description of the New FGI Goniometer and Quality Analysis of Experimental Data (Full text)

Pyysalo, U.: A Method to Create A Three-dimensional Forest Model from Laser Scanner Data (Full text)

Hyyppä, H., Hyyppä, J: Quality of 3-dimensional Infrastructure Models Using Airborne Laserscanning (Full text)

Peura, M.: Comparing Scenes by Means of Tree Matching - Heuristic And Topological Tricks (Full text)