Vol. 17, No. 2, 2001

Reviewed Articles:

Amini, J., Seradjian, M.R.: Automatic identification of Cartographic Objects (Full text)

Dal Poz, A.P.: Semi-Automatic Road Extraction Methods by Dynamic Programming Optimization and A Cooperative Road Follower (Full text)

Haggrén, H., Munk Sørensen, E: An Overview to Virtual Academy - Methods and Techniques (Full text)

Heikkilä, J., Tokola, T.: Experiences in Use of SMAP Classifier and RSP Method in Forest Inventory Applications in Inner Mongolia, China (Full text)

Hyyppä, J., Hyyppä, H.: Analyzing the Effects Related to the Feasibility of Imaging Spectrometer AISA for Estimation of Stand Attributes (Full text)

Hyyppä, J., Schardt, M., Haggrén, H., Koch, B., Lohr, U., Scherrer, H.U., Paananen, R., Luukkonen, H., Ziegler, M., Hyyppä, H., Pyysalo, U., Friedländer, H., Uuttera, J., Wagner, S, Inkinen, M., Wimmer, A., Kukko, A., Ahokas, E., Karjalainen, M.: HIGH-SCAN: The First European-Wide Attempt to Derive Single-Tree Information from Laserscanner Data (Full text)

Sadeghian, S., Valadan Zoej, M.J., Delavar, M.R., Abootalebi, A.: Precision Rectification of KFA-1000 and IKONOS Images Using Multiquadric and DLT Model over Test Areas in Iran (Full text)

Vilenius, E., Nygrén, T., Lehtinen, M., Markkanen, M., Väänänen, A.: Ionospheric Tomography (Full text)