Vol. 18, No. 2, 2003

Reviewed Scientific Articles:

Honkavaara, E.: Calibration Field Structures for GPS/IMU/Camera-System Calibration (Full text)

Hyyppä, J., Xiaowei, Y., Rönnholm, P., Kaartinen, H., Hyyppä. H.: Factors Affecting Object-Oriented Forest Growth Estimates Obtained Using Laser Scanning (Full text)

Karvonen, J.: Remote Sensing of Sea Ice Using SAR Data at Finnish Institute of Marine Research (Full text)

Mäkisara, K., Haapanen, R., Pekkarinen, A.: Methods for Locating Regeneration Cuttings without Field Observations Using Multitemporal Landsat TM Images (Full text)

Rönnholm, P., Hyyppä, H., Pöntinen, P., Haggrén, H, Hyyppä, J.: A Method for Interactive Orientation of Digital Images Unsing Backprojection of 3D Data (Full text)

Valadan Zoej, M.J., Sadeghian, S.: Orbital Parameter Modeling and Accuracy Testing of IKONOS Geo Image (Full text)

Reviewed Technical Articles:

Redweik, P., Redweik, G., Silva, M.: Modellierung Eines Grossen Objektes mit EOS System Photomodeller (Full text)