Vol. 19, No. 1, 2004

Reviewed Scientific Articles:

Bawahidi, K., Said, M.A.M., Affan, M.: Improving the Accuracy of Land Cover Map by Using Landsat TM Texture Images (Full text)

Ebrahim, M. A.-B.: Using Mobile Phone Digital Cameras in Digital Close Range Photogrammetry (Full text)

Korpela, I., Anttila, P.: Appraisal of the Mean Heights of Trees by Means of Image Matching of Digitized Aerial Photographs (Full text)

Kukko, A.: A New Method for Perspective Centre Alignment for Spherical Panoramic Imaging (Full text)

Matikainen, L., Karjalainen, M., Kaartinen, H., Hyyppä, J.: Rule-Based Interpretation of High-Resolution SAR Images for Map Updating (Full text)