Vol. 20, No. 2, 2007

Reviewed Scientific Articles:

D. Schneider and H.-G. Maas: Integrated Bundle Adjustment of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data and Image Data with Variance Component Estimation (Full text)

Reviewed Technical Articles:

C. Hopkinson and L. Chasmer: Using Discrete Laser Pulse Return Intensity to Model Canopy Transmittance (Full text)

K. Inkilä: A Vector Space Approach to the General Case of Least Squares Adjustment (Full text)

M. Villikka, M. Maltamo, P. Packalén, M. Vehmas, and J. Hyyppä: Alternatives for Predicting Tree-Level Stem Volume of Norway Spruce Using Airborne Laser Scanner Data (Full text)

I. Norjamäki and T. Tokola: Accuracy of GeoCover Satellite Image Mosaics for Timber Volume Mapping in Boreal Forests in Finland (Full text)

M. Rehor: Classification of Building Damage Based on Laser Scanning Data (Full text)

T. Tokola, T. LeToan, F. v. Poncet, S. Tuominen, and M. Holopainen: Extended RANSAC Algorithm for Automatic Detection of Building Roof Planes from Lidar Data (Full text)