Vol. 21, No. 1, 2008

Reviewed Scientific Articles:

J. Breidenbach, E. Kublin, R. McGaughey, H.-E. Andersen, S. Reutebuch: Mixed-Effects Models for Estimating Stand Volume By Means of Small Footprint Airbrone Laser Scanner Data (Full text)

A. Jaakkola, S. Kaasalainen, J. Hyyppä, A. Akujärvi, H. Niittymäki: Radiometric Calibration of Intensity Images of SwissRanger SR-3000 Range Camera (Full text)

Reviewed Technical Articles:

L. Barazzetti, M. Brovelli, M. Scaioni: Generation of True-Orthophotos with Lidar High Resolution Digital Surface Models (Full text)

G. Király, G. Brolly: Modelling Single Trees from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data in a Forest Reserve (Full text)

A. Roncat, W. Wagner, T. Melzer, A. Ullrich: Satellite Lidar Estimation of Stemwood Volume;
A Method using Waveform Decomposition (Full text)

J. Rosette, P. North, J. Suárez: Laser-Based Field Measurements in Tree-Level Forest Data Acquisition (Full text)

T. Takahashi, Y. Awaya, Y. Hirata, N. Furuya, T. Sakai, A. Sakai: Effects of Flight Altitude on Lidar-Derived Tree Heights in Mountainous Forests with Poor Laser Penetration Rates (Full text)

F. Tarsha-Kurdi, T. Landes, P. Grussenmeyer: Extended RANSAC Algorithm for Automatic
Detection of Building Roof Planes from Lidar Data (Full text)