The Photogrammetric Journal of Finland, Vol. 22, No. 1, 2010

Photogrammetric News (text)

Reviewed Technical Articles:

Erving, A., Rönnholm, P., Jokinen, O., and Haggrén, H.:
Innovation-oriented exercise in photogrammetry using problem based learning method, pp. 4-15. (Full text)

Holopainen, M., Vastaranta, M., Haapanen, R., Yu, X., Hyyppä, J., Kaartinen, H., Viitala, R., and Hyyppä, H.: Site-type estimation using airborne laser scanning and stand register data, pp. 16-32. (Full text)

Höhle, J., Pedersen, C. Ø., Bayer, T., and Frederiksen, P.: The photogrammetric derivation of digital terrain models in built-up areas, pp. 33-45. (Full text)

Kuusk, A., Kuusk, J., Lang, M., and Lükk, T.: Vicarious calibration of the PROBA/CHRIS
imaging spectrometer, pp. 46-59. (Full text)

dos Santos, D. R., Dal Poz, A. P., and Dalmolin, Q.: Indirect orientation of images using control points extracted by the means of monoplotting model, pp. 60-76. (Full text)

Information for Authors (text)