The Photogrammetric Journal of Finland, Vol. 22, No. 2, 2011

Contents (pdf)

Reviewed Technical Articles:

Vastaranta, M., Holopainen, M., Yu, X., Haapanen, R., Melkas, T., Hyyppä, J., Hyyppä, H.:
Individual tree detection and area-based approach in retrieval of forest inventory characteristics from low-pulse airborne laser scanning data, pp. 1-13. (Full text)

Jokinen, O., Haggrén, H.: 
Estimation of 3-D deformation from one more images with weak imaging geometry, pp. 14-26. (Full text)

Höhle, J.: On the potential of new digital aerial cameras for DEM generation, pp. 27-36. (Full text)

Liang, X., Litkey, P., Hyyppä, J., Kaartinen, H., Kukko, A., Holopainen, M.: Automatic plot-wise tree location mapping using single-scan terrestrial laser scanning, pp. 37-48. (Full text)

Photogrammetric News, pp. 49 (pdf)

The Finnish Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 80 years, pp. 50-56 (pdf)

Information for Authors, pp. 57-59 (pdf)