The Photogrammetric Journal of Finland, Vol. 27, No. 2, 2021

doi: 10.17690/021

Contents (pdf)

Reviewed Technical Articles:

Virtanen, J.-P., Julin, A., Jaalama, K., Hyyppä, H: Creating open online applications with geospatial interfaces - case study "Palvelututka"
, doi: 10.17690/021272.1  (Full text)

Photogrammetric News: Doctoral Dissertation of Mr. Arttu Julin (pdf)
Photogrammetric News: New Bachelor's Programme "Real Estate Economics and Geoinformatics" will be launched at Aalto University (pdf)
Photogrammetric News: Recently published Master's Theses at Aalto University, Finland (pdf)

Information for Authors (pdf)

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